Glunz-Jensen Offset Equipment

Clean Out Unit C85/C120


  • For Chemistry Free thermal plates in a single or double step process.
  • No Developer is used to process the plate.
  • Eliminates most processing. variables, providing consistent results

Clean Out Unit W/Stacker


  • Simple design ensures ease of use and simple maintenance.
  • Includes a dual container system to prolong the life in between exchanging the containers.

Clean Out Unit - Inside


  • Ideal for small to medium production, commercial printers.

HDX NewsSpeed


  • High Processing Speed and Consistency.
  • Productivity at 400pph to match the fastest Ctp's like Dotline Vmax.
  • Extended maintenance intervals.

HDX NewsSpeed - Inside


  • Batch life increased by up to 100%.
  • Maintenance intervals increased by up to 100% for both processor and plate line equipment.



  • High-end photopolymer plate processor.
  • Includes pre-wash and a dual high-capacity preheat oven.
  • Enable higher productivity for newspaper production.
  • Can be reconfigured, for the widest processing latitude for any application.

HDX P - Inside


  • Secure and consistent and predictable prepress process with minimum waste and maximized uptime.
  • Full feature processing for high volume plate production.



  • Thermal Ctp processor for high-end commercial applications.
  • Integrates the latest principles of thermal plate processing.
  • Can be reconfigured for widest processing latitude.

HDX T Inside


  • Secure a consistent and predictable prepress process.
  •  Minimum waste and maximized uptime.
  • Robust and reliable by design.

Krylin 85 P


  • A simple solution intended for customers who process violet photopolymer plates.
  • Reuses technology and principles from the high -end processors, but is offered with a more basic configuration.

Krylin 85 P


  • Satisfies the requirements for simple, yet consistent and reliable processing. 

Krylin 85 T


  • Thermal Ctp Processor for high-end commercial applications.
  • Integrates the latest principals of thermal plate processing
  • Can be reconfigured fro the widest processing latitude.

Krylin 85 T


  • Secure a consistent and predictable prepress process.
  • Minimum waste and maximized up time.
  • Robust and reliable.

Raptor Chem Free


  • For violet chemfree applications.
  • Dedicated models  for Agfa N94-VCF and Kodak Libra VP applications.

Raptor Chem Free


  • Compact, high -quality processing  of low chemistry plates.
  • Raptor Chemfree incorporates innovative full featured processing in a compact, space a small footprint.

Raptor + P


  • For violet photopolymer plates, with preheat, prewash, developer, wash, gum and dryer.
  • Very accurate hot-air preheat concept.
  • Easily converted for violet chemfree plates.

Raptor + P


  • Prepared for unattended operation and can be used in an automated prepress line.
  • Fully integrated with both Ctp and post processor plate automation.
  • Smaller Footprint, targeting customers in the medium segment.

Raptor + T


  • For Traditional thermal plates, with developer, wash, gum and dryer steps.
  • Prepared for full unattended operation, and can  be used in an automated prepress line.
  • Fully integrated with both Ctp and post processor plate automation.

Raptor + T


  • Raptor + combines reliability , flexibility and automation to meet the medium segment.
  • Smaller footprint, targeting customers in the medium segment .

Tiger 86/125


  • Based on Glunz & Jensen rugged Quartz Supreme series.
  • For customers who require robustness combined with convenient electronic features.

Tiger 86/125


  • Fulfills International Safety Standard.
  • Available in to widths 86 and 125 cm (33.9 and 49.2).

Tiger 86/125 Premium


  • Based on Glunz & Jensen Quartz Series.
  • Heavy Duty Design.
  • Tiger Premium comes with Graphical Touch Screen User Interface - along with much more time saving benefits.

Tiger 86/125 Premium


  • Tiger Premium offers added features at an economical price.
  • For customers who require robustness combined with convenient electronic features.
  • Available in two widths: 86 and 125 cm (33.9 and 49.2").  

Tiger 86/125 Premium


  • Heavy Duty Design.
  • Graphic Touch screen.
  • Convenient electronic features.
  • Designed with quality and simplicity.

Post Bake Oven


  • Press run length of plates is significantly increased by post baking.
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Optimal  balanced air flow re-circulation system.
  • Simple Electronic display.

Rinse Gum Unit


  • Rinse /Gum unit apples a pre-bake solution instead of a plate finisher, prior to the plate being baked.
  • Variable speed, automatic chemistyr replenishment and sensor activated operation.

Rinse Gum Unit


  • Roller Quick Release
  • Available in sizes 85/125/165 cm

Compact Plate Stackers


  • 86/65
  • 85/105
  • 125/85
  • 100 Plate Capacity

Pro Stackers


  • 105/80
  • 105/140
  • 135/160
  • VLF

System Conveyor


  • Small , simple, and flexible conveyor design.
  • Can  conveniently be hinged onto the processor or stand alone.

System Conveyor


  • Can be used open for non-light sensitive plate applications or covered for a more integrated appearance.
  • Easily adapted to most devices on the market. i.e. processors, rinse/gum units, and ovens.

Plate Link 46-XR


Plate Line 46-XR

Can Handle plates out of any of its three sides.

Plate Link 46-XR


  • Plate Link 46-XR
  • Can Handle plates out of any of it's three sides.

Water Clean


  • A filtration system that saves up to 97% of your fresh water.
  • Filters the water in an offset processor.

Water Clean


  • Remove sludge, preventing spray bars from blocking.
  • Reduces Maintenance & Cleaning.